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 Ticket Trunk

How Much Does Ticket Trunk cost?

If your event is free, Ticket Trunk is free to use! For all other events, Ticket Trunk charges a flat fee of 1.00 for each ticket sold using our service. For example, if you plan to sell 20 tickets, then your total fee is 20.00. It's important to mention that PayPal will charge you 2.9% of the ticket price + 0.30 per transaction for credit card processing fees. This is an industry standard.

Are you really the most affordable online box office?

We sure are! Let's see how we stack up against the competition:

Comparison of Ticket Trunk's Fee with Key Competitors
TICKET PRICE Ticket Trunk Ticket Leap Event Brite
$0.00 Free Free Free
$0.01 ' $10.00 $1.00 $0.97 $0.99
$10.01 ' $ 39.99 $1.00 $2.00 $0.99
$40.00 - $400.00 $1.00 $2.00 2.5% of ticket price
+ $400.00 $1.00 $2.00 $9.95 per ticket

Why must I pay the commission charges in advance?

We really wanted to give you all your money instantaneously and we figured since this meant that we couldn't directly handle your money, we needed to ask for our commission either before or after the event and before just seemed alot easier and less intensive. Not to mention, the knowledge that you have put down money in advance creates some extra legitimacy which your buyers will appreciate. And don't worry, if you pay for 40 tickets and only sell 30, we'll send you a voucher so you can use those extra ten Tickettrunk bucks for your next event.

Is Ticket Trunk like a Pay-as-you-go box office?

Yes! You pay to sell your tickets in advance. You can add more 'credit' any time and increase the amount of tickets you're selling and if you don't sell all the tickets you paid for, we give you a voucher so you can use the balance next time.

Other websites claim to be free for ticket sellers, why isn't Tickettrunk?

The claim made by other sites of being free for event sellers is misleading. These sites do not charge the ticket seller but they do apply their own commission rate to those buying the tickets. At Tickettrunk, we do not want your patrons to be frustrated with complicated and vague service charges so instead we ask that you pay an industry low rate of 1.00 per ticket and that's it. Because we give you the full power to set your own ticket prices, you can always factor in the service charge into your ticket price to cover the costs and then we're 'free' just like the rest of guys!

Consult our FAQ section to learn more about selling tickets.